February 20th, 2007

SWsoft signs support agreement with Microsoft

Let me explain few things about our recent press release - http://www.swsoft.com/en/news/id,12003

·         SWsoft will be a true single point of contact for support for Virtuozzo customers. Our customers won’t have to contact Microsoft support in addition to SWsoft support for Virtuozzo for Windows issues. Instead, if there is any issue that requires help from Microsoft, we’ll contact Microsoft support engineers on behalf of our customers, and sort it out and then we'll respond to our customers.

·         Again, the agreement is not about providing free Microsoft support to our customers. This would not solve the main problem – finding out the solution, even when the problem occurs on the boundary between the technologies of different vendors. SWsoft gets 24x7 access to Microsoft support, so that when a customer has a problem, we can solve it using the best resources available from SWsoft and Microsoft engineers.

·         Microsoft is SWsoft's best partner and we will be doing more with them for our mutual customers. Overall, this agreement is a great thing for everyone involved – customers, SWsoft and Microsoft.

·         Effectively, all server applications are now supported under Virtuozzo – Microsoft has agreed to help us resolve any issues that our customers have, regardless of the application.

·         Lastly, this agreement was driven purely by the volume of customer demand. In my opinon, it validates OS virtualization as a server virtualization technology for us and the rest of the world.