July 27th, 2006

SWsoft Developer Network just went live

I’m very excited to announce that my team has just released the SWsoft Developer Network (SWDN). People familiar with MSDN will easily recognize where the inspiration came from J Read more in the press release and FAQs. For Virtuozzo users, the big news is the availability of developer licenses. If you subscribe for Professional Developer Plan (free for the whole year), you’ll be able to download and use Virtuozzo for development and testing purposes – free. In other words, everyone can download and play with Virtuozzo in their test labs.

Time for preinstalled Virtuozzo?

Microsoft has just published their “Windows Principles (Twelve Tenets to Promote Competition)”. You can read them in full at http://www.microsoft.com/presspass/newsroom/winxp/windowsprinciples.mspx

My favorite is tenet #1:

1. Installation of any software. Computer manufacturers and customers are free to add any software to PCs that run Windows. More broadly, every computer manufacturer and customer is free to install and promote any operating system, any application, and any Web service on PCs that run Windows. Ultimately, end users are free to choose which software they prefer to use.

Now, OEMs can preinstall Virtuozzo on their Windows machines without being too worried about Microsoft’s reaction. Do you think that pre-installation of Virtuozzo can save users time and money or users would prefer to do it themselves? Post your comments and vote for preinstalled Virtuozzo.