March 15th, 2006

We were there first !!!

I must tell the truth to the worldJ In a few news articles, including the one cited in my previous post, Virtuozzo is mentioned as a technology that follows the same approach as Solaris Containers. The truth is that we’ve started working on Virtuozzo in late 1999 and we’ve been selling it since 2001. Virtuozzo for Linux is a very mature technology with more than 5 years of real-world history.

If you take a careful look at Solaris and Virtuozzo, you’ll find that they’re very similar, but Solaris is few years behind on features such as management tools, zero-down time migration, resource management, manageability, etc.

We have more than 6,500 physical servers running Virtuozzo and more than 300,000 Virtual Environments running in production across the world. I wonder how these numbers compare to other virtualization technologies.