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Virtuozzo 4.0 beta on display at VMworld

I wanted to give everyone a heads up that today we unveiled Virtuozzo 4.0 beta, and that we'll have the new version on display at our booth at VMworld, which is running this week from Tuesday-Thursday at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.  We're at booth #1312 and will be sharing the space with our cohorts from Parallels, who will be showing off the sharp new version of Parallels Desktop and the almost-in-beta Parallels Server.   

We'll be revealing more about Virtuozzo 4.0 as we move through beta testing, but I wanted to whet your appetite by giving you a sneak-peek at a few of the 50+ new  features  and improvements that 4.0 includes:
  1. A completely overhauled intuitive interface that offers easy access to centralized resources, such as easy-to-use application templates and sample containers.
  2. Streamlined installation that makes building new containers easier than ever.
  3. A host of new High Availability features, such as support for Windows Server 2003 and Red Hat clustering services, and real-time Windows and Linux backups
  4. More flexible management tools that let you arrange and manage virtual containers and Virtuozzo servers according to either the actual hardware infrastructure, or logically group them according to user preference.  In short: organize and view your real servers and containers however you'd like. 
You can read more about Virtuozzo 4.0 in the Press Release that we dropped on the wire this morning.

The beta's not quite baked yet (but it will be in the next week or so!) so register for the beta program and we'll notify you the minute that a ready-for-testing version is available.

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