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Virtualization hurdles

Time to comment on old news J
Infoworld had an article that cites a study commissioned by Computer Associates, which says that 44 percent of all virtualization deployments are not successful or cannot be assessed. It is noteworthy that 71 percent of the respondents also said that they deployed more than one server virtualization technology. And, aside from things like hardware domains, there are only three – VMware, Virtuozzo/OpenVZ and Xen. I’d love to have people who use both Virtuozzo and VMware share their experiences here.
These numbers tell you that many companies jumped on the virtualization bandwagon without fully understanding the consequences, and without trying to estimate ROI. And now, they fail to recognize progress or they don’t fell like they gained enough in return. And, according to this Virtual Strategy Magazine article, 36 percent of their readers are interested in hearing more about VMware alternatives. Well, Virtuozzo is a fine alternative and we even have an on-line ROI calculator to help you make a very rough initial estimate J

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